My name is Layla, and I’m a singer / songwriter living and preforming in Orlando, Florida. I’m twenty-three and the oldest of seven.  I love life fully and deeply and I live for the little things that make me smile - summer thunderstorms, a ladybug on my window, sunflowers along the side of the road.  My day isn’t complete without coffee or tea and I’m constantly collecting inspirational quotes to surround myself with.  I’m a family girl at heart and the people I love make my life what it is.  I absolutely love the Lord, and I would be nothing without him.  

Since I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was perform and sing for people.  I used to stand on the ledge in front of my grandparents’ fireplace and put on shows for my family.  That feeling I got from preforming in front of people has never left me.  Music makes me feel things that I can’t begin to describe, things that I never thought I would ever feel.  My dream is to share my music with thousands of people and my goal has always been to be a positive role model, to inspire, move, and touch people with my songs.  I’m happy to say that, with a lot of determination and hard work, I am happily in pursuit of that dream. 

I’ll leave you with this - I am not perfect and I am okay with that. I make mistakes and I learn from them.  I enjoy every second of my life, try not to sweat the small stuff, and most importantly I try not to let people get me down.  My life is an adventure, an unwritten epic, something to be taken a day at a time.  I will enjoy every laugh, remain strong through hardships, and make the most of every moment I am blessed with.  I believe in facing my fears and speaking my mind.  My story? Well, I guess you could say it’s just the beginning.